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Originally Posted by Salt Water Cowboy #10 View Post
Well it should be interesting to see how long his leash is up there. If Neal is the same player as last year, McOiler will have to use him as a decoy. He should do better up there, but I wouldn’t say he will get 21, before we see him play a dozen games in Greaser PJs. They all just buy in hook line and sinker.
I'd personally be shocked if Neal doesnt get 20+ next season.

But again, that doesnt mean anything. Literally 'someone' has to get them. Hes going to basically just stand in the right place.

Neal and Lucic are different players on different teams in different states of competitiveness with different roles and different expectations.

Comparing the two players' upcoming personal stats is entirely irrelevant and really, thats the joke.

The Oilers had two 100+ point players last season. And missed the playoffs by a mile. Neal isnt going to move that needle.

The Flames dragged Neal's desiccated corpse around the ice all season and won the conference.

James Neal is going to be expected to be a 20+ Goal, 40-50 point player on a team that hopes to make the playoffs. He might hit those goal and point totals but the Oilers are still going to miss the playoffs.

Lucic is going to be expected to do 'more than nothing.'

So sure, these players were traded for each other and people will try and compare them as such, but the comparison is disingenuous at best and essentially useless.

Let the Greasers enjoy James Neal so they can feel better about running him out of town.
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