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With just over a week to go.

Eastern Conference

1. NY Rangers vs 8. Montreal Canadiens (Close to a set matchup)
2. Philadelphia Flyers vs 7. Toronto Maple Leafs (Close to a set matchup)
3. Buffalo Sabres vs 6. Ottawa Senators (Pretty much set)
4. Detroit Red Wings vs 5. Pittsburgh Penguins (Set matchup)

No change in last 2 weeks outside one switch in positions. The top 7 teams in the east have clinched. Montreal needs one win to clinch or 1 loss by Florida and Washington.

Western Conference
1. Minnesota Wild vs 8. Nashville Predators
2. Arizona Coyotes vs 7. Chicago Blackhawks
3. San Jose Sharks vs 6. Anaheim Ducks
4. Colorado Avalanche 5. Edmonton Oilers

No change in last week outside of Chicago moving in and LA moving out of the playoffs. Pairings still being set. 4 of 8 teams have clinched. LA has an outside chance at jumping up to the playoffs.
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