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Thumbs up CP Photo Contest - Hall of Fame

I've started this thread in an attempt to keep all contest results in one location, along with the rules/guidelines and any discussion regarding them.
After each contest, I will take the winning picture and host it in case the photographer removes it from the net. I will only link to my hosted version if a photo disappears. Some remove photos from their host and this way it will keep them for others to see in the future when this becomes legendary.


1. All photos must be no larger than 800x600 (or something close). No superwide panorama's that will make people scroll horizontally.
2. Post as many photos as you like, but only 1 photo per post (make a new post for each new pic).
3. Dominant theme of the photo must match the particular contest theme.
4. Photo can have been taken at any time, unless there is a specific date restriction in the contest theme.
5. Photos that have previously won a contest cannot be entered into another.

Round 1 Voting:
1. Any user on CP votes for their favorites by clicking the "Thanks" button at the bottom of the post containing the photo.
2. You may vote for only 3 or less entries.
3. The contest holder will decide upon a date the voting will end depending on such things as number of photos posted, voter participation, etc. This will be posted in the thread title and first post. (2 weeks is a good number)
Note: Keep in mind that photos are always being posted, so try not to vote immediately.

Final Round Voting:
1. After Round 1 Voting has ended, contest holder will tally votes for all photos and post the 3 finalists in 3 seperate posts for Final Round Voting.
2. Contest holder decides upon a date the Final Voting will end and changed the thread title and first post to reflect. (1 week is a good number)
3. Any CP user then chooses the best of the 3 finalists and votes for only their favorite.
4. At the end of voting, the contest holder declares a winner.

Winner of the contest will start a new contest thread with a new theme and copy/paste these rules or link back to the Hall of Fame thread in the first post.

Don't be too specific with the theme nor too general. Try and get a theme that people can contribute to. Don't pick the red african ant of Kenya as a theme... nobody will post. Likewise, don't make the theme "stuff on earth"

Biggest Guideline:
1. Have fun. This isn't a pissing contest on who's better, it's to allow people of all skill levels to get out there and use their camera, and even win a couple contests. No photo is too bad.

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