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Originally Posted by VladtheImpaler View Post
Didn't like either one that much. Or I should say - I liked them, but not nearly enough to want to spend $300. They both have their dishes - cheese souffle at Blink and the foie gras ravioli at Divino. Blink at least had decent portion sizes. Divino's were so small we had to get the cheese plate for dessert. Both are very nice in terms of ambiance - I just refuse to pay that much for ok food.
This leads to my usual rant about the so-called modern, "fancy" restaurants in Calgary - they all seem 2nd tier in terms of quality and incredibly expensive (compared to NY or Chicago, for instance). My guess is they are vehicles for extracting superfluous oil & gas money from people who don't know any different. We will see how it shakes out now that a lot of those people lost their jobs... My favourite from this class of establishment is Alloy. It has consistently the best food, and they have some dishes that are consistently superior to the competition (short rib, gnocchi and the ahi tuna).
Huh. I would never have pegged you as such a connoisseur. Figured you'd be more of a borscht, blini, piroshki, pilmeni, vereniki, kind of guy.

That probably come across a bit insulting. It's not meant to be. I'm trying to say that I had you figured as a man of simple tastes. Other than enjoying a great steak or a nice hunk of beef, I definitely enjoy some nice Russian/Ukrainian food.

I'm guilty of stereotyping I guess.
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