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Originally Posted by Monahammer View Post
Best of luck to buff.

Came in here to disparage the posters who don't want to make a play for Laine- not that I think it's realistic that he's traded, but give your head a firm shake. Laine would be amazing.

Hamonic+Frolik (salary) + any prospect + 1st is where I would start.
Laine (a) scored 50 points last year and (b) is looking to be a holdout. He's -24 on a team where most players are pluses and the next lowest is -12. And now he seems to complain about ice time and linemates.

Hamonic is a valuable and rare commodity on a great contract. Frolik is a gamer and plays RW which is Calgary's thinnest position. And "any" prospect as in Pelletier? And a first?
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