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Default Condition chains

Just doing some poking around and I'm starting to see things like this (sorry Ravi - not picking on you here except I am ):

Special: Top 20 1st in 2022 owed from Dal to Cgy now owed from Dal to Cbj

Can we stop doing this type of condition and instead just have:
Top 20 1st in 2022 owed from Dal to Cgy
Top 20 1st in 2022 owed from Cgy to Cbj

In the above scenario it turns out that I owe a 2022 1st to CBJ although I do not have a record of that on my Roster page and that is not a deal I made. Instead I have a 2022 1st to CGY and that is how I will pay that condition. What CGY does with that pick afterwards is there business.

Tracking down condition chains sucks and I'd prefer if we didn't do it.

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