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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
For all of the money raised and Robert's stunning success with building theme based games this had better be the most awesome game ever or its going to be a massive disappointment.

The problem with developing a MMO especially one as creative as this is players attention spans are incredibly short unless the experience is awesome and there is a continual content add on roadmap.
They already have a continual addon road map. They actually planned to release many of the stretch goals after the game's release (corvettes, escort carriers, etc), but they've gotten so much more funding than anticipated that they're putting these things in at launch. But there's still a ton that they're planning to do way down the road in the game's future, like more alien races and having the ability to create your character as one of those races

And don't forget that there's going to be a full single player campaign that should be every bit as good as Wing Commander, plus the ability to run private servers with full modding capability. Given that and how die hard the space sim community is, I don't think you have to worry about short attention spans

At the very worst, we're going to get a spiritual sequel to Freelancer with real factions, a dynamic economy, and persistent online universe. That's all I've ever wanted from a game for 10 years now (since Freelancer came out). Everything else that Chris Roberts manages to do is just going to be bonus

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