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Originally Posted by Radley77 View Post
Not quite (using the simple math):

$100,000 house
$10,000 down payment
$90,000 mortgage
Using 4% rate
Value is now worth $104,000
Less carrying costs at 7% on $90,000
Equity = -$2,300


$10,000 spent on bonds
5.75% rate
Investment is now $10,575
Well not sure where you are getting your figures from but if we are going to get silly.

$10,000 spent on bonds
5.75% rate
Investment is now $10,575
Less $1000 paid each month for rent (unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere for free)
Looks like you are down $1425 for the year???
I guess it is a better investment

You can twist the number all you want to support your argument. Doesn't make sense to me.

I'll take leveraging my investment with the bank's money anyday. If I am paying for shelter of some sort anyway I would rather be working towards owning it and building to equity.

I think Bonds can be a good investment for some people and you should likely have a diversified portfolio with some safe investments but that is never going to get you ahead in the world.

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