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Originally Posted by Jiri Hrdina View Post
I think he vetoe'd the trade largely so he could stay in Toronto. Which didn't happen anyways. So now he could be more open to it.
“What happened is they had a deal in place and they wanted me to move my no-trade clause,” Kadri explained on the podcast. “Obviously, for me, it was no disrespect to Calgary or the Flames organization — I love their team and I love the direction they’re headed. I just figured that had I declined, I would have had a better opportunity of being a Maple Leaf next year, and that’s really what it came down to.

“I wanted to play for the Leafs next year. I wanted to be a part of that. In declining that trade, I had aspirations of being a Leaf, and we know clearly that didn’t happen.”
Tkachuk is more like Marchand than the other guys though. He's really ****ing good. He's just a total butthole.
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