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How did it start? It might give insight where to start diagnosing.

If that's a 10 year old TV, I'm assuming it's 55" or less. You can easily have those size TVs (especially 49" and less) for like $300-400 black friday, open box etc. options for smart TV and 4K. Even less if you find some good 1080P clearance deals and options. Don't pay someone to fix it.

I'd suggest buying a replacement and tinkering with that on the side.

Based on my limited knowledge and Googling, something like that is supposedly one of the following:
- Issues with cables/connectors
- Magnetic field
- Excessive heat damaging the screen from behind (but usually looks slightly different to that?).

No idea what the actual cause is there though, but it doesn't necessarily seem like it's an optimistic salvage.
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