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We are coming up on replacing one of our current vehicles next year, and a PHEV is currently my front-runner. The details on the new Rav4 PHEV came out today . Looking objectively at our usage, this would be the car my wife would take to work most often. Given that she is 16 km round trip, I could get away with charging it every other night. But we could still use it for grocery trips etc on the weekend. I hate to say it, but the older I get and especially since we sold the family cabin I am just not pounding the miles on a vehicle like I used to. I have two cars and neither gets much more than 8000 km a year.

I will likely dip a toe into going full EV to replace my other car, and again I have a super short commute so I am thinking a used Leaf. My idea on having a shorter range EV is that I only go on longer trips a few times a year, so I can always rent a bigger IC vehicle when needed for less than the cost differential between a Leaf and something like a Tesla 3.
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