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Hey guys,

So I'm reading great things on this thread about Nord especially. But question:

I'm looking to be able to watch Netflix/Amazon/Disney+ to make it look like I'm in the US and additionally I've noticed previously when I'm on VPN on my computer my Chromecast will now allow me to cast to my TV.

Are there any options (and/or how-to guides) as to what service I can use that will allow me to make it look like I'm in the US for those services AND additionally chromecast from my computer to my TV while I'm still physically in Canada.

Another pro would be if I can do all of the above in addition to my computer also via my phone/mobile device too and use the native apps (Netflix App, Amazon Prime and Disney+ App on my phone) and look like I'm in the US and chromecast via the app itself to my TV here while I physically sit in Canada.

Let me know if anyone has any thought/recommendations on this, thanks!
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