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Originally Posted by Mathgod View Post
What a gong show olympics this has turned out to be for our major sports. Back to the drawing board for 2022...
Really only the Womens curling was a gongshow with them not getting out of the qualification rounds.

Men's Curling - Semi Final Loss (Koe just seemed to get the yips after going 4-0)
Men's Hockey - Semi-Final Loss (with is probably the 30th best hockey team Canada can put on the ice vs. everyone elses B team)
Ladies Hockey - Finals loss in a Shootout

We have medals in both bobsled events so far, medals in 4/5 individual figure skating events and won the team gold, and have broken the record for total medals we have won in the Olympics.

Far from a gongshow IMO.

Personally I actually expected Germany and Switzerland to be the surprises of mens hockey in this tournament. Those teams have been tough outs in the past when NHLers are there and they have unknown rosters that mostly play in their strong domestic leagues. Without NHLers or AHLers it's a pretty even playing field, the guys Canada could pick from are guys that play pretty even with those guys in the Swiss league, German league, and KHL, with only Russia having any elite talent.

I'm sure even Canada & the US could compete at soccer if you put together a tournament that only had players from the MLS, Mexican, and Canadian leagues but none of the top soccer leagues in Europe or South America. That is pretty much what this is.

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