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Originally Posted by Johnny Makarov View Post
But curling.... blow it up!!
Curling is a tough one because the teams just #### the bed, but I can't see how any other selection process would have picked another team for the women, and only one other team would have been in the conversation for the men.

Both won 'the toughest tournament in the world' to get here. Homan is the defending Canadian and World champion. What could possibly be done to 'blow it up' when that's who you have coming? The system would have been designed specifically so this team would get picked instead of somebody who has a hot week in December like Bernard going in 2010 even though Jones was dominant in that time.

Similarly Koe was World Champion in 2016 and Runner-Up at the Brier in 2017, him and Gushue were the two best teams and Koe won the Roar of the Rings (though Gushue did beat him there, he didn't make it to the final).
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