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Originally Posted by Winsor_Pilates View Post
I understand the change based on the first 21 games and understand it's like the best situation given the roster right now, the division standings, the difficulty of making trades this year etc.

My disappointment is not that the lines were changed right now, it's more on a macro scale that we find ourselves with almost the exact same top 6 as the last 2 seasons despite that not working.

FlamesAddisction's post below basically states what I would have replied to your post; I agree with it entirely.

I understand the wish for something better

First comment is that last year Tkachuk was out, and the year before, Monahan had a broken thumb, Neal was a detriment and they didnít have Lucic either, whose heavy game can help in the post season

Having said that, I also propose that the premise of spreading out talent is, shall we say, not perfect. Tre said they thought they liked Johnny and Monny as a pair. They thought that if they had Lindholm and Backlund on separate lines, they may be able to exploit some matchups with 13 and 23

Consider the normal line sets scoring 1, scoring 2, checking 3rd and 4th energy

So the masterminds were thinking that they could put Backlund and Lindholm against the other teamís top scoring lines and then put 13 and 23 with a scrub against the other teamís checking line? Setting 13 and 23 up to have an internal headwind while playing in to the oppositionís desired matchup? Bravo

I prefer to see what the three lines with established chemistry can accomplish

Hopefully they work as I expect and hopefully they stick
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