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Originally Posted by DeluxeMoustache View Post
I truly donít understand this.

Have you seen the body of work the first 21 games?

I am far from disappointed, rather I am pleased that Ward seems to have finally come to his senses.
I understand the change based on the first 21 games and understand it's like the best situation given the roster right now, the division standings, the difficulty of making trades this year etc.

My disappointment is not that the lines were changed right now, it's more on a macro scale that we find ourselves with almost the exact same top 6 as the last 2 seasons despite that not working.

FlamesAddisction's post below basically states what I would have replied to your post; I agree with it entirely.

Originally Posted by FlamesAddiction View Post

It's far enough into the season that he needs to cut the rope and fall back to whatever works. It's just a shame that there does not appear to be more options and more flexibility with this roster. This team doesn't have a Matthews, McDavid, or MacKinnon. Players that are going to pull through no matter what. On paper, this team's strength is supposed to be it's depth and deployment options. In reality, it hasn't played out that way which is unfortunate. I think it's time to turn the page and a roster shake-up is needed, but it won't be easy to make big changes this year.
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