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Yep...its one of my all time faves as well. Actually went to see Brian Cox and Robin Ince at the Jube last month. It was AWESOME. I've actually seen Cox talk twice and he is excellent, would highly recommend it if you get the chance.

My other podcasts are:
- Hardcore history, HH Addendum, & Common Sense, all by Dan Carlin
- SpyCast, International Spy Museum
- Inf. Monkey Cage, Brian Cox
- Criminal
- Revolutions
- Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner
- Intercepted, Jeremy Scahill
- Making Sense, Sam Harris
- Revisionist History, Malcolm Gladwell
Good list, haven't heard intercepted, and not so big on the Sam Harris, there was something self-helpy about it that didn't scratch my itch right..

I do like the philosophical abstractions but have different stuff on my subscribe list.
For Interview format:
Mind Scape with Sean Carroll,
Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef,
For more of a Historical Narrative:
Philosophize This!

If your into Historic Narratives, The History of English podcast
This is an out there recommendation for most I sure, pretty specific scope with already 60+ hours of content produced. Its about the history of the English Language, so far he has gone from the reconstruction of the Indo-European language up to the 14th century. The development and layering of languages together provides a pretty good back drop for a historical narrative and understanding how populations and cultures have changed over time.
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