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A tweet thread from Danny Austin (copied and pasted to save space)

I get that the Stampeders set a certain standard over the last five years and people are naturally going to be disappointed when they don't maintain it.

I get that "rebuilding years" don't really exist in the CFL.

But here's a thing

The Stamps defence in Sunday's West Semifinal had only four (4!!!!) of the same starters from last year's Grey Cup (Roberson, Smith, Wall and Derek Wiggan).

On offence, not a single receiver who started in last year’s Grey Cup played in the West semifinal.

Only Mitchell at QB, Jackson at RB and then Dennis, Bergman and U. Williams on o-line started in last year’s championship

This WAS a rebuilding year.

That they finished second in the West Division during the regular season is the team overachieving, losing in the semifinal is not an underachievement, and the idea that the pass-game was bad on Sunday is actually extremely unsurprising.
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