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Originally Posted by Sylvanfan View Post
I read the rumors about Clowney and a first for Tunsil but Miami declined fearing there would be a mutiny in the locker room.

I suppose the pick package for a rebuilding team makes more sense, but the players still won't like losing a stalwart left tackle.

Texans needed to help that line and Tunsil should be a big upgrade to stabalize one side of that line. Stills might work better with Houston as a deep threat than he did in Miami. But subtracting Clowney from that defense will impact it at every level. But last year a team who couldn't defend a lick came very close to making the Superbowl. Houston won't be anywhere near the 32nd defense. They also traded for Carlos Hyde too. He was not good in camp for K.C and I will be surprised if he makes the season on the roster.

I must admit that Schneider continues to do a good job finding value and reshaping the Seahawks roster. Clowney never had pass rush numbers that blow you away but he is a very versatile defender who can do a lot.
It's a perfect situation for the Hawks as they didn't give up a lot to get him so there's not pressure to sign him long term as the guy has no cartilage in one knee so teams are weary of guaranteeing him a lot of money. It's a big opportunity for him to ball out on what's always a good defense and set himself up for a big payday.

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