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Originally Posted by Matty81 View Post
I think he's in the fold to stay now, seems committed to the program. He's a good prospect but has a ways to go, hopefully he makes it. Playing an attacking game in a La Liga youth setup he could be a real boom or bust type prospect.

One of the better u-20 pools in recent years, usually we just have a handful of guys with pro setups and lots of NCAA/worse, other than the one forward TFC cut the whole team is signed on somewhere.

Happy to see the NASL guy on there too. As much as I hate Edmonton sports teams FCE has had the most Canadians on professional contracts for two years running. They have shown a brilliant commitment to improving the game in Canada.

Kyle Porter is actually no longer with FC Edmonton, he was dropped a few months back. According to this article he's about to sign with DC United shortly. Nonetheless, FC Edmonton is still the club giving the most professional chances to Canadians, moreso than the 3 MLS clubs combined.

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