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Here's why that move is bad. People are trying to merge left to right to take Memorial east, not easy given the amount of road available. People that drive in the far right lane with full intentions of continuing on Crowchild complicate the process and frankly create dangerous situations. Many take the right lane and merge at the last second to beat traffic, or what in reality turns out to be only a few cars. Often other cars have to stop quickly because of some jackass signaling and force merging left. And because of the late merging other cars will do a risky move to left lane to get around the merge choke point.

That is one of the highest accident locations in the City because of this. Now maybe GreatWhite doesn't normally do that, but it looks like the pattern of someone that does it par for the course.

To be clear that stretch of road is very poorly designed but selfish drivers make it worse.
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