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Default Retirement Rule Vote #3 (Timing)

Moving forward the definition will be as follows:
For the purpose of these rules, the definition is that a player is considered retired when they announce that they are retiring from pro hockey or taking an off ice position. The announcement must be made by the player, their agent, their team, or reported as confirmed by a reputable media source. If a player announces they are done in the NHL but continuing to play pro hockey elsewhere (e.g. KHL), they will still be considered active in the CPHL. A player still being technically active in the NHL via LTIR will no longer be considered an exception for their status as being retired. A player that retired during the season will be considered retired in the CPHL immediately (except when noted in the rule option below). A player that retires at the end of their NHL season, or announces that they will be retiring at the end of the NHL season, will be permitted to complete their CPHL season.

The rule will be applied as such:
All players that fall under the above definition will be retired immediately per the above, except if the player is announcing their retirement at the end of the NHL season, in which case they will be permitted to complete their CPHL season including playoffs. Where the matter is not clear, it will be put to a vote of the league GMs, with a majority required to retire the player. If the player “un-retires” it will be made available as a free agent to the league, following standard UFA bidding rules, with the team’s original GM holding the right to match the winning offer to retain the player. Per standard UFA bidding rules, teams, including the original GM must have the available cap space for their bids.

The GMs have further voted to remove the buyout penalty.
This vote is to align on timing.
Do we implement these rules

Retroactively: Meaning we would apply it to any players that have announced their retirement, including those on NHL LTIR, in this off-season
Now: Meaning going forward from this point
Later: Meaning after conclusion of this CPHL season.
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