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Originally Posted by lorenavedon View Post
new listings have dried up substantially so the fear of a huge inventory build up is probably not going to be an issue (10k plus listings), but the existing stuff is not selling. So it's a stalemate right now.
New listings way down compared to earlier in the year, but the current pace (i.e. month to date) is still equal to that of a year ago.

So super over simplification, but supply and demand has two main factors here, new listings and Total Sales.

If we say that to maintain current prices, or even March 2014 pricing lets look at the same month from a year ago:

New listings for the month of March = current pace from a year ago ( (+0.15% increase)

Total Sales for the month of March = way down from a year ago ( (-27% decrease)

Doesn't this imply that the stalemate is broken?

Prices have yet to reflect it I admit, so doesn't it at least it implies the stalemate is heavily leaning to one side?

I guess I am just saying, the your post implies that the market active listings will remain semi-steady. However, when the supply side of a supply and demand equation isn't "dried up" but in fact constant with previous years, and the demand side has dried up, should we not expect a huge spike in listings?

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