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Originally Posted by DeluxeMoustache View Post
The point of landing on the right number is also dependent on him being a RFA , and ‘settling’ is not ‘just because’

What does he do if the Flames do not meet his demands? Go to Europe or take zero until he is willing to agree

Let’s say this hypothetically unfolds:
Matthew wants 10 or whatever you guys think he is worth for 8 years.
The Flames say he is nuts, because that is a huge ask for a guy who scored one goal in February, and was invisible as they tucked tail and handed Colorado an easy series win (yes, it gets ugly. Why wouldn’t it? It’s just business, after all)
The Flames don’t want to buy a bunch of UFA years, so the conversation turns towards a 5 year term
Matthew concedes, but really wants 8. That’s what he will settle for but he wants it so much that he will hold out for it
Let’s say the Flames are then saying we will sign you today for 7 and not a penny more.
Tkachuk holds out
December deadline day arrives.
Flames stay put

Here are Tkachuk’s options:
Hold out and not play. Take zero in year 1, then get his 8 for the remaining 4 years
Suck it up and take 7 for 5 years

He can’t negotiate with anyone else. At least not any other team in the NHL.

What does he do?
Hypothetically, he sits out or demands a trade prior, and the Flames lose the asset for pennies on the dollar.

Great work hypothetical Brad, your weird hypothetical negotiation tactic with your top goal scorer from Feb-April paid off.

(But seriously, it’d be nice if the RFA power dynamic was as one sided as you seem to think it is, but... alas, the real world and all)
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