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You are taking Horvats whole season stats and basing his comparability on that. We are dealing with young players, the progression in their game can change rapidly. At the beginning if the season, the comparison wasn't valid, but by the end of the season Horvat had progressed to the Canucks best player and the comparison became valid. You say he faced weak competition? It didn't matter who the flames had on the ice in the playoffs, he was still their best player and impactful.

I'm not saying Horvat is the better player, I'm saying its a lot closer than you think.
And to reiterate, your point continues to largely hinge on the fact you think it might be a closer comparison in the future / moving forward.

Regardless of everything you just said, it is not an accurate comparable at present.

The difference in minutes, points, and quality of competition is too far apart.

Until such time, it's still extremely premature to contend Horvat is on Monahan's level. Period.
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