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So its been quite a few years since the wife and I upgraded cell phones. (we're still using iphone6s)

Right now we pay $140/month for 5g data and unlimited talk/text Nationwide (Canada & US)

Looking to upgrade now I see that phones/plans are completely different now and you pay a "phone rental" fee + a plan fee every month and just about every company charges the same.

Phone fee - $30-50 per month (iPhone 11)
Plans - Starting at $75 per month (more data but only Canada wide calling)

So in essence your now paying about $125.00 month per phone so $250.00 ....
Is this right? I cant fathom having to now pay over $100 more a month just for cell phones, I can believe how bad CDN's get fleeced by cell phone providers.

Am I missing something here?
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