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I own an EV.

I do not think gas is soon to be toast. I think it will be around for a long time.

Consumer habits for something so ingrained like gas are very difficult to change. There's also a very odd (to me) emotional, almost hostile, attachment to gas cars, particularly in North America. Also, good luck with the adoption of EV's in poorer countries with high population and little infrastructure.

The costs associated with producing an EV and gas engine are still quite a ways apart (although not nearly as much as people like to think).

That being said, some misinformation about EV's that I commonly come across:

1. "Oh no! But how will you charge your vehicle!" - I essentially have a gas station in my garage. With a 1/10 effort level of planning, I never have to charge elsewhere. In fact, I've never needed to but have just to check it out.

2. "Oh no! But the drop in winter range!" - I was able to see the range drop when we had some colder weeks. Not as much as expected. If you 'warm' the car for about 20 minutes in your garage before leaving (which on a Tesla you can now schedule it to do), the loss you get isn't too noticeable for day-to-day driving. I would have no issue with an EV as my primary vehicle, provided it has 300+KM of range. If you're travelling frequently to say... Edmonton (poor you), yes you might want to stick to a gas car in the winter.

3. "Oh no! But the price!" - Ok yeah, $52,500 is a chunk of change. But no oil changes, flushes, gas, or really any sort of maintenance (outside of tires/brakes). There's a fairly biased but interesting look at comparing the acquisition and maintenance costs of a Tesla vs Accord. Huge upfront cost, but I do believe it will only be slightly more expensive in the long run.

There are legitimate beefs I have with EV's that not a ton of people key in on:

1. "Haha! No gas! I'm so great!" - Uh, you dummy... my electricity consumption doubled (nearly tripled in one month) the minute I installed 240v in my garage. While that only means only $20-$40 extra a month, that energy (hot burning coal baby!) came from somewhere you virtue signalling idiot.

2. "Haha! No gas! I'm gonna go everywhere!" - Well, good luck in Canada going east/north. There's not a ton of superchargers in that direction. Also, there's the added annoyance that every third party charging station may use a different adapter.

3. "Haha! Giant iPad!" - Yes, the technology is super cool. But it's a little unnerving how much the vehicle relies on it. I mean, technically, if Tesla wanted to they could render the vehicle useless. I value my privacy and this vehicle is at odds with that. Clearly, how amazing the technology is outweighed that. Hypocrite.

EV's aren't at a point where they're for everyone. However, the tech has matured so quickly that I believe it can be for the majority. I think it's more affordable than people think (particularly the Tesla M3 SR+), depending on how you look at it.

Regardless of what you think about EV's, they are firmly here and are not going away. It also does not spell the doom of gas-powered vehicles, IMO.

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