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Originally Posted by Handsome B. Wonderful View Post
It's a space shooter, skill will be the ultimate factor determining who wins.

I didn't buy some ships now because I think I can pay to win, I bought my ships because I'm someone who has very little spare time these days and I expect I will likely have less in the future. Having some ships replaced for free when I inevitably get blown up means I can spend less time earning money in game to replace them and spend more time flying around having fun.
Yes, in most cases, people who actively play these games and put real money into them are doing it not to "pay to win" but to "pay to save time" as it's about saving yourself time. All the ships that people are buying are purchasable in game but their exhorbitant prices probably puts them out of reach without enourmous commitments of gameplay wherein the game becomes a 2nd job rather than something fun or an occasional diversion from real life.
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