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Originally Posted by Erick Estrada View Post
Yes but in those days Canadian talent wasn't picked over by NFL teams like it is today. More Canadian kids getting drafted by NFL teams means less players for the CFL. There really isn't a enough quality national players in the CFL right now as most of them have to be hidden on rosters as 3WR backup RB, Safety, etc and it shows as the product has been getting progressively worse. Any national linemen that are any good have to be way overpaid because of their passport. The league is slowly dying and it's important the the product improve and lowering the ratio should help.
There are far more Canadians getting NCAA scholarships and the superior training. Quebec is pumping out many more players than in the 1990s. Before American expansion, the league needed 90 Canadian starters and could find them and offer a quality product. Now they need 63 and the league wants to lower it even more. The total number of Canadians in the NFL this year was 29. I am not sure what it was in the 1990s, but it wasn't zero. There is no reason to drop the ratio to 54 or lower.

The league is forcing this issue. The players would accept status quo. The league is threatening the season because of a change they want to force at all costs.
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