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None of the 100-plus partygoers who caught Omicron at a Norwegian Christmas party believed to be the world's biggest coronavirus super-spreader event have fallen seriously unwell.

Doctors involved in tracing the outbreak say the infected are so far only suffering very mild symptoms like fevers, coughs, headaches and tiredness following the festive do on November 26.

The development lends weight to the theory that Omicron might be weaker than past variants, and is consistent with reports from doctors in ground zero of the outbreak in South Africa.

Norway's state epidemiologist, Frode Forland, told The Telegraph that if this turns out to be true, it could signal the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

'That is the hope. That is the best scenario we can have,' he said. 'That it's getting minder, most people will get it, and they will get a natural immunity.'

However, all of the infected are believed to be relatively young and most will be vaccinated - a combination that typically leads to milder symptoms.
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