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Based on this, he didn't even use a spreadsheet - he looked at one single number. Save Percentage. That's it. Not games played, not wins, not GAA. Just save percentage. Based on that, and only that, he determined Ramo's deal is bad because there are other goalies, who played and won less than Ramo, who make less.

Vollman is a tool. I too either laugh, or change the channel when he comes on the Fan.

With respect to Bouma - is there anyone who thinks that if the Flames put Bouma on waivers that he would clear? He would be snapped up, even with his "bad contract" in a New York Minute by every single team that had enough cap space to do so. Because NHL GMs use more than a spreadsheet or, in the case of Vollman's goalie analysis, a BBQ sauce stained napkin from Burger King.
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