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I can't speak to your situation as you are under contract with another Realtor.

Every situation is different. Market conditions, how long you have been on the market, interest levels, recent price drops, etc. I personally would not accept a sale of condition right now unless the buyer had a conditional deal on their property or they were paying a premium. I would also fight to make it a 24 hour clause vs a 48 hour clause or more in the event I was going to take such a deal. Yes, you can still market the property as active however anyone who was going in looking for a deal will likely cancel their showing. A lowball offer can be great if you have other interest as it can spark another offer of a better price than if you didn't have the lowball offer.
Again, each situation is unique so there is no right or wrong answer and I am just explaining some scenarios and in no way should this post be taken as advice from anyone already under contract with a realtor.

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