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Originally Posted by JohnnyB View Post
Well, latest follow-up with my neurologist basically confirms that I seem to be one of the very rare people who have quite bad neurological responses to the virus. Looks like I will need to keep wearing masks and being extra careful about exposure to covid. Probably going to have to look at career changes to try to be remote-only.

Honestly, it's just kind of a relief to know that everything I experienced neurologically and cognitively in the last 16 months or so has an explanation. It has been the hardest period of my life dealing with the effects of first the vaccine and then the virus itself, but at least I can now with some confidence say what the source of the issues has been and know that others have had similar experiences, even though there is no explanation of what makes me vulnerable to the virus.

My biggest fear at this point I suppose is that while most people seem to recover, there may be potential of much longer-term health consequences. The Spanish flu apparently resulted in Parkinson's for some people who got it, and some research suggested the same for bird flu. It seems too early to tell for covid, but hopefully it's not also the case.
I got it in January and it took months to get back to 'normal.'
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