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Default Sim WHL League looking for new GM's.

Our WHL Sim League is looking for a few new GM's. Sim hockey is super easy, and this league is very accommodating and welcoming for newcomers and people who want to try Sim hockey.

Our league is based off the current WHL, and allows some regular rerates of current players based on their real life stats at the time, mid-season drafts of new WHL players and league Free Agents, and both yearly entry/Import drafts.

The teams available are currently either near the top of the standings, or are in the middle of the standings and set up to contend in the next few years. This commitment would require normal availability via Slack for trade talk and a bit of time every week updating lines and participating in the aforementioned drafts every few months.

If you have a passion for junior hockey, and are interested in joining the league, check us out at, and send me a PM and I can put you in contact with our league commissioner.

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