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I think it's grossly overvalued when looking at how much money and term some people think Backlund is worth. I consider strong defensive play more of a nice to have than a necessity for a first line center who's main priority is to score goals. I consider it more a required skill of 2nd or 3rd line centers.
Players spend half the game without the puck. It's as influential on the game's outcome as offence. It's why teams led by one-dimensional players like Ovechkin rarely win the Cup, while almost every winner leans heavily on a stud two-way center (Toews, Bergeron, Kopitar, Crosby).

If you're putting out your 3rd line center whenever your opposition has it's number one on the ice, you're dancing to their tune. Conversely, if your number one can also shut down the other team's scoring lines, you have a tremendous advantage in matchups.
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If this day gets you riled up, you obviously aren't numb to the disappointment yet to be a real fan.
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