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The CAA has had to work with what the federal government gave them when they privatized the airports, and then deal with burgeoning growth while trying to find ways to pay for it. Did you expect them to destroy the whole thing and build new? Where the heck would that amount of money come from?

You realize that Toronto may have a very nice new T1, but been through T3 lately? That thing was built in the 90's and is just as outdated as parts of our terminal now. Plus Toronto now has the distinction of being one of the most expensive airports in THE WORLD for airlines to utilize because of the costs of the T1 project. Plus in my opinion T1 is really crappy in food/shopping options for a terminal of that size.

Beijing and Singapore I would expect to have very nice, big airports. Just how many more millions of people do they serve than YYC? Been through Heathrow, Frankfurt, some not-so-nice parts to them too. Airports are almost alive, they have history, they expand and grow over time and some parts will be more dated than others. Not every facility can afford to build a brand new terminal to replace the entire old one (like Beijing).

I'm happy the CAA has spent time and money improving the facility they inherited, but at the same time not blowing it all and instead focusing on attracting more carriers and destinations to YYC. The new IFP is a step in the right direction but it is also overkill for our current and even short term capacity needs.

Just off the top of my head, some of the improvements the CAA has made to the existing terminal:

-Pier D expansion (WestJet)
-Pier A expansion/renovation (Air Canada)
-Spaceport (for the kiddies)
-Food court (way better than what was there prior)
-Banff Avenue seating area, big glass windows facing towards downtown
-New international arrivals area
-New transborder bag sorting facility (airside)
-New parkade

Not too mention the upgrades and improvements on the airfield proper, things like new taxiways, larger ramp spaces, airfield lighting, approach and landing aids, new snow removal equipment, de-icing fluid retention ponds and recycling facilities.

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