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Originally Posted by JD View Post
For selfish reasons, I hope the government caves and lets Emirates or Etihad come to Cowtown. I understand why they won't though... it would absolutely murder AC's European service.
Stop believing what Emirates is putting out there, they were offered flights to YYC but they did not take them because they did not get what they really wanted, daily rights into YYZ.

Over the years the Canadian government has worked with other countries and airlines to grow rights into the country based not on connecting traffic but demand between the two countries in question. Should we punish the likes of those countries and airlines by letting the petulant child of the airline world (Emirates) just come in and dictate terms to us?

Europe and Australia have learned this lesson the hard way, I have no problem with the way Canada has been dealing with Emirates. I still think we will eventually see them give Emirates more rights, but they have to work with us and not expect things to just happen because they say so.

Don't forget that originally there were 6x weekly slots available to them, but they didn't take them so Etihad grabbed 3 of them. Only after that did Emirates take the other 3.

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