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Originally Posted by Bigtime View Post
If the winds dictate only 28 and 25 can be used it will be a HUGE hit to capacity. Except for very rare conditions the airlines will only land on 28, 25 is used mainly by the charter and private operators on the south side of the field. The only time I've seen the airlines use 25 was late last year during that crazy wind day, remember that video of Lufthansa landing on 28 in the crosswind? Air Canada and WestJet were landing their 737's, Airbus' and Embraers on 25.

The big problem with 28 and 25 active is that the approach for 25 cuts right into the approach of 28, so you have to separate aircraft even more to avoid conflicts or loss of legal separation.

I'll ask my ATC buddy up in Edmonton that controls arrivals and departures into Calgary what the different hourly capacities are based on which runways are being used. I do know that the most capacity right now is when they can use 16 and 10, #2 would be 34 and 28, and 28 and 25 probably way down there.
Is it ever planned (or even theoretically possible) to add a parallel to one of the more E/W runways? We definitely have strong crosswind days here, and once we have a huge capacity difference when we can't use the parallels that's going to be huge delay issue on chinook days.
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