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Originally Posted by _Q_ View Post
After living in the US for a few years and temporarily with the inlaws for a few months, I'll finally be on my own again in about a month. I do watch some TV, but am not interested in spending $70 per month to watch a few channels here or there. I was surfing the various ISP websites and found PikTV with Telus. For $10 a month, it seems like a fantastic deal. Do any of you have experience with this service? Do you like it? Sorry if this has been discussed previously in here.

I just signed up for it when I redid my internet contract. The interface is okay, but it seems to work really well. Best part is that you can get all the sports channels for $14/month versus SN Now for $20/month. Iíll turn that on in the fall.
Who are the people in charge of this product and why haven't they been fired?
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