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Originally Posted by sparky69 View Post
You should be able to just call Telus and give them the imid # that’s what I didn’t couple of weeks ago with no problem. And no charge
I'm guessing OP's situation is that the phone was wiped and he needs a sim card to finish setting up the phone to get to the OS to get the IMEI info as he doesn't have the rest of the materials that comes with the phone?

I agree with Wormius about going to a Telus Kiosk, but I believe OP should also be able to put any SIM (ie: an old SIM or OP's current SIM from a different phone) into the phone to finish setting up the phone and get the IMEI number. I believe that if it's locked to Telus, the phone would just be in the equivalent of airplane mode with the SIM inside until it is unlocked?
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