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Originally Posted by Realtor 1 View Post
I should have been more clear but I was agreeing with the original posters thoughts about holding off during January and waiting until February at the very least. We went through that extreme cold snap, the holidays had just ended and the market is usually slower.

Each situation is unique but if it makes no difference in the clients life as to whether you are listed at the start of January or wait until February, I would wait until February. Days on market is an indicator many buyers use to determine what their offer price will be and I don't see much of a point in burning 30 days unless there is no negative in doing so.
Ah ok. Gotcha...

I'm starting to hear quite a bit of anecdotal evidence about the real estate market being the slowest since the downturn began in early-2015 (from an activity perspective). But eventually, I suppose that translates into more price leverage for buyers if the slow down lasts long enough.

I've heard this both from prospective buyers (main complaint being lack of depth, slow pace of new listings) and from industry professionals (real estate agents, inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc all saying activity levels are really low)

I was just curious if you've also observed this slow down and perhaps had a view that it was more seasonal noise (winter months) rather than something more fundamental.

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