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I chuckled at the Colbert Report that ended in December 2014 being used as a current example to make a point in this thread.
Substitute Last Week with John Oliver then. I think you get the point. I’m confident that all of the 20-something college-educated white Democratic staffers who are the ground troops in election campaigns watch it, and about 2 per cent of the people they’re trying to win over do.

The linked article explained that the ads campaign staff liked the most turned prospective voters off the most.

The “Mirrors” ad featured prominently in a series of experiments that Shor did with Civis to evaluate the effect of various Democratic campaign commercials on voters’ decisions. The findings of the experiments were not encouraging. For one, they found that a full 20 percent of the ads — including “Mirrors” — made viewers more likely to vote for Republicans than people who hadn’t seen the same ads. And after his team started polling members of Civis’s staff, they made an even more troubling discovery. On average, the more that the Civis staff liked an ad, the worse it did with the general public.
This is a problem.
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If this day gets you riled up, you obviously aren't numb to the disappointment yet to be a real fan.
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