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Default 7. Don't post anything that could be considered illegal.

Don't post anything that could be considered illegal or considered to incite or further criminal activity. This include posting copyrighted material (quote an article and post a link rather than copy/pasting the whole article for example) or linking to pirate sites.

Copyrighted material that you do not own the copyright to may not be traded or sold on the forum. Copyrighted material may not be reproduced in part or in full on the forum, post links to photos or articles that you do not own the copyrights to. You may include a two or three paragraph excerpt to give the general idea you want to discuss (unless the article is only that long, then just post a link).

Posts with links to illegal download/pirating sites and such may be edited and/or deleted. A ban may result. Links to short videos are acceptable as long as the video/site isn't for profit and it isn't a significant amount of unaltered game footage (e.g. an entire period or game). Calgarypuck HAS been sued in the past over this issue, so moderators will be pretty strict about this.

This also includes defamation (slander and libel). Defamation is defined an intentional communication that is false and that harms a person's reputation. More applicable to public figures such as reporters and athletes. Defamatory posts put yourself and Calgarypuck at legal risk and won't be tolerated.

Do not post methods to watch games or any other TV that may not be legal. This includes but is not limited to posting links to sites streaming the games without permission, as well as methods of "hacking" broadcasts. Even if you think it might fall under a grey area, ask before you post it. This also includes requesting PMs to links, and PMing links to others.
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