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Default 2. Respect the other posters. Don't be a jerk, be civil, don't harass or bully others

Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Your post should be designed to communicate, not to incite a response in others. Discussions may get heated, but repeated poor behaviour won't be tolerated.

Harassment and bullying is defined as when one poster or a group of posters specifically and regularly target another poster with defamatory, insulting or posts irrelevant to the discussion of the given thread. The moderation team will take against a poster who shows a pattern of drawing another poster into an argument.

Threads that degrade into personal attacks or constant bickering will be locked. Don't bait people into arguments. Respect that other teams' fans feel as passionate about their team and hate your team as much as you love yours and hate theirs.

In disputes, a long time poster with a known good history will probably get the benefit of the doubt. A new poster coming in with both guns blazing, not so much.

Use of the word "troll" is becoming far too pervasive, it is an insult just like any other. Only in the most obvious of circumstances would calling someone a troll be acceptable, and even in those cases please just report the post rather than contributing to the mess.

This can be subjective and at the moderator's discretion.
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