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I'll just save myself aggravation by paying whatever the pump price is, but the bullcrap doesn't escape me. When Rona and Home Depot and Loews can have sales on 2x4s, but no gas station in history can ever have a sale on gas, it looks like collusion. I'm not asking for a "sale", I'm just saying that when one place raises the price, they all do. What do you call that? And what do you call that when half of them bought their supply three days ago for a lower price, but they still jump in on the price increase?

I know where this is going, though. The other half of it is that gas stations don't make money on gas, they make money on confectioneries. I guess I don't know what the solution is, except that I will buy an electric 4x4, once one is available, feasible, and reasonable.
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