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Originally Posted by Wild GM View Post
What has he been wrong about?
I really think that folks don't understand what Friedman reports. If the Flames don't acquire Duchene does that mean he was "wrong"? How do you know? Knowing what we do about BT he kicks the tires on everything, so he probably would be interested in this player.
Only a small fraction of discussion between GMs probably lead to actual transactions but it doesn't mean the discussions didn't happen.
I don't blame Friedman at all for taking a break from the Fan960 when he did. I view him to be amongst the most credible sources out there but the way people interpret his thoughts is quite frankly idiotic.
If you want to put it that way, you can begin to call Eklund credible. I am not saying Friedman is unreliable, he just hasn't been right about a lot of "rumours" lately. So I will be skeptical about everything he says until he proves me wrong. That's all I am saying.
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