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Originally Posted by Textcritic View Post
I expect that is also where any conversation would end. Brad Treliving did not just spend the time and energy exhausted over the past two years to build one of the best looking defence cores in the NHL that is cost-controlled for three years in order to start dismantling it tomorrow.

I would be shocked if the Flames were able to trade for Duchene.
I don't disagree. But what the Avs want out of the deal has to be considered too. You're not getting a player like Duchene for Brouwer and picks. You're probably not getting him for unproven futures. The Avs will want a player in return that addresses their weakness. Brodie seems to be the type of player they are looking for. If I were Treliving I wouldn't make a move. I think this team is going to see improvements on the scoresheet with the players they have. No need to go down this road.
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