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I've never been much into the comics themselves, but after watching all the Marvel movies and getting into the SHIELD series I've got a question. In reality, if the events of the first Avengers were to happen (alien invasion of Earth), it would inevitably kick off a new space race the likes of which we've never seen. Knowing that there's intelligent life in our galaxy, some of it hostile, would have to result in the major governments of Earth banding together to get some sort of planetary defense setup. Yet in the movies, TV shows, and games this never happens, and apart from the superheroes doing their things everyone else just goes on with life as usual. Do the comics themselves ever delve into what the rest of the population is doing about interstellar threats? Just seems so weird to me that Marvel depicts all these massive events in humanity's history and no one really seems to care

Also given that Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor are in the same comic universe, does that mean that Asgard is just another planet that humans could travel to or are they in some other dimension?
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