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Originally Posted by Poe969 View Post
So I was in town this past weekend and I went by the comic shop and it was awesome to be in there (It's still a small comic shop and isn't anywhere as close to the ones in some bigger cities but it's good enough for me!) I told the guy that I was looking to jump back into things and wanted to start collecting a series and he pretty much said that now is the worst time to do that because of what's going to happen with the marvel universe. He said that the Avengers 2 movie and then Free Comic Book Day coming up is when I should look at jumping back in. Just wondering what you guys think about this.
I was never big into reading comics as a kid but I've recently started picking up a few series and have found some pretty good stuff. I think it depends on what you're interested in because from what I've seen a lot of current runs can be found in trade collections. For instance, I've been reading Batman New 52 but I don't buy single issue comics. Instead I just wait for them to release a collection of issues in a volume. For a series like this you could easily catch up by grabbing the first 5 volumes.

As for Marvel characters, I know they've recently re-launched a number of series. What characters are you into? Apparently the new Daredevil by Mark Waid is really good. I recently picked up this Thor series:

I've heard good things about it and am looking forward to reading it soon. I've also head good things about the Miles Morales Spider-Man series as well as Superior Spider-Man.

I don't think it's a bad time to jump into a series.

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