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Originally Posted by transplant99 View Post
Not sure how.

Kupp was on an island facing double coverage most of the game and especially that last drive where he was the ONLY guy Stafford was even looking for. Yet he caught 4 passes and drew 3 flags. It was a bit of an epic performance really.

Higgins had a great game for sure but he was also enjoying the freedom that Chase being double-teamed provided from the opening kick off.
When you are the only guy the QB is looking at it stands to reason you are going to have a lot of receptions. It was a great effort from him for sure but I feel that Donald's two sacks as well as other key pressures despite being double teamed most of the night was the difference in the game as the Bengals had receiver performances from Higgins and Chase that could match Kupp but no answer for Donald. Defensive players just aren't as sexy a pick for MVP.
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